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List of accepted articles to Issue No. 37/2020.

The Full Issue of No. 37/2020 can be download with accepted articles.

Last update: 05/22/2020

Authors: A.Nyéki, M. Neményi, G. Teschner, G. Milics, A. J. Kovács
Title: Application possibilities and benefits of IOT (Internet of Things) in agricultural practice. Quo vadis IOT?

Authors: Doğuş Binek, Khawla Al-Muhannadi
Title: Small and medium-sized enterprises within the circular economy: challenges and opportunities

Authors: S. Negovanović, A. Belingar, G. Topisirović
Title: NDVI remote detection and laboratory soil test results presentation in GIS environment

Authors: S. Beszédes, Z. Jákói, B. Lemmer, I. Czupy, C. Hodúr
Title: Detection of the efficiency of enzymatic hydrolysis and fermentation processes by dielectric measurement

Authors: S.A. Pabar, D. Mónok, Zs. Kotroczó, B. Biró
Title: Soil microbial parameters and synergies between bean growth and microbial inoculums as a dependence of five soils with different characteristics

Authors: A. Oussai, L. Katai, Z. Bártfai
Title: Development of 3D raw materials from plastic waste

Author: L. Magó
Title: Smart control on agricultural machines

Authors: A. Ombódi, B. Valkai
Title: Effect of reused Rockwool slabs on the performance of ‘Daras F1’ hot pepper under glasshouse conditions

Authors: T. Kaszab, Zs. Bodor, Cs. Mohácsi-Farkas, A. Slavchev, Z. Kovács
Title: Monitoring of different probiotic activity Lactobacillus strains’ growth by different physico-chemical parameters

Authors: T. Terbe, M. Jancsó, K. Mozsgai, I. Rácz, S.B. Szantner
Title: The effect of irradiation on medium temperature and EC values in hydroponic longterm tomato cultivation

Authors: A. Tóth, Cs. Németh, K. Hidas, P. Póti, F. Pajor, A. Barkó, E. Hamar, L. Friedrich
Title: Development of a high protein containing filling for bakery products

Authors: A. Cseman, Z. Futó
Title: Water management effects of different tillage systems

Authors: A. Tóth, Cs. Németh, R. Pintér, E. Ayari, K. Noori, L. Friedrich
Title: Effects of high hydrostatic pressure’s holding time on protein structure of liquid egg products

Authors: A. Sobowale, A.A. Ramalan, O.J. Mudiare, M.A. Oyebode
Title: Modelling Water Productivity of Selected Grain Crops in Rain-fed and Surface Irrigated Fields in Northern Nigeria