Aims and Scope

International Scientific Journal by Szent István University, Hungary
Official Journal of the Hungarian Academy of Science
Official partner journal of Synergy International Conference Series

Official Journal of the Committee of Agricultural and Biosystem Engineering of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences

Short summary

The Agricultural Engineering Board of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences which supervises the development of this branch organises annually a conference at Gödöllő, which is the central place of the Hungarian agricultural scientific activity. During the sessions, research scientists, developing engineers, experts of institutions engaged in agricultural engineering development strong in numbers the organizer, the hungarian universities and other higher grades of education, the research institutions: Hungarian Institute of Agricultural Engineering at Gödöllő, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering of the Szent István University at Gödöllő and foreign guests give account of their results obtained in the research work and development of agricultural machinery. This yearly English-Language publication the “Hungarian Agricultural Engineering”, started at 1988, contains selected papers presented at the conference of 2004.

We hope that this publication will be found interesting to a big part of agricultural engineers and management experts.


The Journal welcome manuscripts from the following research areas

Agricultural sciences (laboratorial practices and results)
Agricultural engineering (mechanical research, calculations, etc.)
Environmental sciences (natural scinces, chemistry, biology, microbiology)
Water and wastewater treatment methods and analyses
Agricultural management
Process development
Economic analyses
Business model development
Circular economy and circular transitions
Economical solutions of water and wastewater treatment processes
Social and urbanisation background of each topic


Type of the manuscripts

Research article (min. 8 pages length max. 15 pages)
Review (short (8- 10 pages) or long type (10-15 pages) of review)
Short communication (5-6 pages length)
Project report (10- 20 pages length)